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Fairtex BGV14PT Limited Edition Painter Muay Thai Boxing Gloves (Black/White)

S$ 149.00

The Korean superstar show his artistic skill on his own gloves (BGV14PT "Painter"). Sorry we are not allowed to disclose his name.

BGV14 "Painter" is unique gloves painted by various techniques at Fairtex factory. So, every single gloves is different.  

New gloves are newly designed with a long cuff.
Very convenient to form a fist in order to save energy during training.
Combining some characteristics of the classic #BGV6 sparring gloves with extra padding on the palm area for maximum comfort and safety.

Made from high-quality microfiber which is equally as durable as leather but is lighter, smoother, and does not degrade like leather does meaning fewer odors.
Combining some characteristics of some art forms to create mood and tone

Long cuff design
Padded palm
Consistent, lightweight gloves
Shock absorbing triple-layered padding
Weight: 0.85