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Fairtex BL5 Muay Thai “Namman” Liniment Oil (Orange Scent)

S$ 10.00

  • Active Ingredients: Methyl Salicylate, Menthol Racemic, Eucalyptus Oil, and others
  • Indications:

    • Oil has a cooling-warming effect suitable as a warming up massage oil, easy to spread
    • Suitable as a massage oil to relieve muscles, tendons, joints helps with rheumatic problems and arthritis
    • Perfect for athletes, but also for those who need to warm up and prepare the muscles for exercise
  • Instruction: Apply and massage the affected area (For external use only)
    • Scent: Orange
    • Size: 100 ml.
    • Packaging: Glass bottle
    • FDA no.G549/62
    • Weight: 0.2000