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RDX Sports Inner Hand wraps Training Gloves

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RDX Inner Gloves Hand wraps Training Gloves.


Sleek, stylish, supportive inner gloves ideal for MMA, boxing and all contact sports. A great alternative to hand wraps, this high tech glove protects against impact and helps to prevent hand injuries. These protective inner gloves feature a special elastic for comfort and performance, a half-finger design for enhanced grip, plus extended thumb and wrist coverage for the ultimate reinforcement when working out. Easy to get on and off, and completely machine washable (RDX Sports, 2016).


- Built using a woven carbon fibre fabric for max strength and resilience  - Ayz-F™ elastic for unbeatable security and support for bones  - Half-finger cut design to ensure a strong grip  - Extended thumb reinforcement for better performance  - Full wrist coverage to hold small bones securely in place