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RDX Sports R1 Cotton Cracked Candy T-shirt (Red)

S$ 10.00

RDX Sports R1 Cotton Cracked Candy T-shirt (Red).


A stylish training and workout t-shirt that smashes all other gym t-shirts out the park. Made with a unique cotton construction, this casual sports t-shirt will keep you as dry as the dessert, even when you’re working up a sweat. And with superb ventilation, sensitive stitching to prevent skin irritations, a resilient colour fade treatment that endures all washes, plus a physically sound design that works with your shape and figure, you won’t want to leave home without it. The ultimate fitness t-shirt for comfort, style, breathability and fit all rolled into one.


- High performance Faxeric™ cotton exclusive to RDX® for quick dry action

- MMT™ ventilation technology for unbeatable moisture wicking power

- Flat seam stitching to protect sensitive skin from discomfort, itching or irritation

- Treated to prevent colour fade even after many machine washes

- Anatomically designed to ensure the best possible fit and comfort