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RDX Sports REX F13 Leather Boxing Gloves (Silver)

S$ 50.00

RDX's latest addition to the Patent Pending Quadro-Dome Boxing Gloves series. If you're punching a bag or sparring in Muay-Thai kickboxing, these Maya Hide leathered gloves were engineered to take your training to another level. New, exclusive mould efficiently distributes shock-impact throughout the entirety of the glove, protecting the knuckles and wrists from damage. Layers of highly compressed EVA-LUTION FOAM padding offers cushioning against fast travelling molecules from hard shots while the exclusive mould reduces its effect. Quick-EZ Velcro closure has an extra-long strap to allow great wrist support and a snug, comfy fit.



- Latest addition to the Patent Pending Quadro-Dome boxing gloves edition. Exclusive mold equally distributes force across the design, letting the internal padding subdue shock-impact

- Highly Compressed EVA-LUTION Foam padding absorbs shock-impact efficiently over knuckles and base of hand

- CoolX ventilation mesh expels moisture build-up while exclusive foam injected in palm also provides cushioning from shock-impact

- Attached thumb with inner-hose helps with fist formation and punch technique

- New Quick-EZ Velcro closure with extra-long strap provides added wrist support and comfort adjustability