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RDX Sports Teflon 6oz Super Heros Kids Boxing Gloves

S$ 30.00

Your kids have the energy of a thousand superheroes. That is why they should use our superhero junior kids patent pending boxing gloves to protect those super brittle hands. Using a specially designed, hand-crafted mold that spreads shock impact equally over the design to consolidate fast traveling molecules from spilling through the glove. The Teflon is super breathable, durable and can be washed multiple times without losing the slightest quality. EVA-grip hose couple with anti-thumbing lock assists with punch formation while the mold compliments fist making. The EVA-LUTION shock-absorbent padding in the Quick-EZ Velcro cuff provides overall encompassed protection from wrist-to-knuckles while stabilizing little wrists for better punching technique.



- Teflon is light but ever-so durable. Will channel your child’s inner-superhero. Resilient, breathable and can be washed multiple times.

- Hand-made mold is specifically designed to help with punching technique

- Patent Pending EVA-grip hose and anti-thumbing lock ensures proper fist formation to prevent injuries from bad form

- Cool-X mesh palm does not allow moisture to build to keep young hands fresh, comfy, and odour free as possible

- Quick-EZ Velcro cuff incorporates shock-absorbent EVA-sheet padding for encompassed, overall hand protection