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Tatami Phoenix Ladies BJJ Gi (Black)

S$ 100.00

A new ladies BJJ GI designed by Meerkatsu and made by Tatami Fightwear. The Phoenix Ladies BJJ GI features a lightweight single piece jacket and 10oz ripstop pants. Exclusive purple Phoenix artwork features on both the Gi jacket and pants along with the Tatami Fightwear logo in a subtle floral design

- 475gsm Single Piece High Tech Weave JacketՂÕ_ - Ripstop rubberised collar, opposed to normal twill collar.ՂÕ_ - Grey contrast stitching on all Kimono's  - New Phoenix embroidery designs.  - Triple stitched across all stress points  - Heavy 10oz ripstop pants opposed to traditional twill. Double reinforced knee padding, triple stitched with over lapped seams.ՂÕ_

- 4 Drawstring loops on the trousers to help keep the pants in the correct position on the body.  - Rope drawstring as opposed to the traditional twill, which allows for tighter fastening of the pants, and more comfort when training.