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Venum Viking Long Sleeves Rash Guard (Black)

S$ 30.00



With inspiration originating from legendary Viking warriors, the Venum Viking Rashguard brings out the bold determination within you. Allowing better blood flow to your muscles and faster recovery time, Venum has integrated its compression technology to enhance performance during workouts. Like a second skin, it will protect you from injury and minimal friction. Its silicone band at the waist guarantees full coverage and stays in place. Whether you are standing or executing groundwork, the Venum Viking Rashguard is able to withstand your every motion. Its reinforced seams demonstrates its strength, make the Venum Viking Rashguard more durable and longer-lasting. The Venum Viking Rashguard features a one-of-a-kind design, so your opponent always keeps in mind that you are physically strong, energetic, and brave. Wake up the force of nature within you, because only those who live are the ones who fight.



- 87% Polyester - 13% Spandex: Fabric known for its elasticity and strength.

- "Compression" technology: improves your blood circulation to the muscles and speeds up your recovery time.

- Impressions sublimated into the fiber for maximum durability.

- Slim fit leaving no outlet to your opponent.

- Reinforced seams.

- Band "Rubber" located at waist for keeping your rashguard the right place for a perfect coverage of your body during the fight.

- Available in design Sleeve and Long Sleeves.

- Warning: if this is your first rashguard, we recommend that you opt for the larger than your usual size to limit the hyper compression effect.

- SKU : VENUM-02542-001

- Weight : 0.2000